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Who We Are

A few decades ago, a young girl visiting her grandparents’ farm in Bangladesh made an interesting discovery. There was one cow on the farm so mean-spirited and aggressive that all were warned to stay far away. But whenever this little girl approached, the cow grew calm, as if it knew that the girl brought only respect and kindness. It was then that this young girl realized her connection with animals, a connection more natural and sacred than just about anything else in life.


As the daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants who had come to the US with little money, the young girl often felt like an outsider. While she struggled to make friends, the girl turned to the animal world for companionship, where her connection to animals grew. This connection--plus a feisty personality and a determination to achieve something one day--allowed the girl to conquer every obstacle that landed in her path as she grew into adulthood.


Her spirit animal? The tigress, a fierce warrior who is determined to survive.


This connection with her spirit animal brought her through challenges and mental health struggles, allowing her to become the fully-fledged tigress she is today. That same little girl would eventually start The Stacker Shop, a jewelry brand dedicated to empowering women through identification of their spirit animals.


At The Stacker Shop, we believe that women are intimately connected  to the earth and are in sync with all creatures, whether they are aware of it or not. Some women embody natural characteristics of independence or playfulness, others manifest fierce protective instincts or great curiosity.


No matter what natural characteristics you possess, The Stacker Shop is here to encourage you to embrace these qualities as you discover and celebrate your spirit animal.



Stay wild, stay grounded, feel empowered.


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