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Our Vision

 Through animal jewelry, we aim to feed the flames of your inner strength, remind you of your inherent wildness, and help celebrate your confidence so you can be your most authentic self.


Whether you identify with the spirited freedom of the horse, the profound transformational power of the butterfly, the playful speed of the hummingbird, or any other natural quality associated with your spirit animal, we encourage you to explore and celebrate all the facets of who you are.


Animals represent certain characteristics through their appearance, movement, and spirit. Those same qualities are identifiable within us, and when we find them, feel them, and nurture them, that’s when we become truly free.


Our vision at The Stacker Shop is to support women in celebrating all their animalistic qualities through beautifully-crafted jewelry made from the highest quality materials--pieces that women can put on and instantly feel like themselves, strong in their best qualities and deeply connected to themselves and the earth.


As part of this vision, a portion of all sales goes towards various animal organizations, both domestic and international. That way you know that each time you purchase an item from The Stacker Shop, you aren’t only supporting your own inner wildness, but you’re also supporting the joy and health of animals, too.


Because to celebrate our connection with animals is to celebrate who we truly are.


Woman Owned. Spirit Driven. Naturally Wild.


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